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At Overland Agency Directory, we have some best practices which we urge you to understand before submitting to our directory. Understanding these terms will help us in terms of maintaining quality and serve as good resource for end users.

Keyword Policy:

No keywords are allowed in listing titles. However we can offer your Business Name or Business Name - Keyword as title.

No ~ Search Engine Agency

Yes ~ NirBrands - Search Engine Agency

Refund Policy:

Please understand that your listing fee is the fee collected to pay our editor's review time. Hence in most cases, your submission fee is non-refundable.

Description Policy:

We strive hard to have a perfect eco-system in our web directory. Hence try writing unique, straight forward and non-sales pitch descriptions.

Niches not allowed:

We are family friendly web directory and can not allow porn and adult related websites. We also don't allow websites that are encouraging child labor, terrorism, weapons, drugs and other illegal information.

No Guarantee on accuracy of information:

We do not endorse any information / website listed in our web directory. Users must consult their own wisdom before dealing with them.